Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13th Grocery Deals

So I tried to make it to the grocery stores today

instead of making a last minute dash to catch this

weeks deals on Tuesday when the ad's run out.

It was nice to have more time to shop

and be organize.

At Smith's they have their Ronzoni 10/10, $1.00 coupons SS ? so they were free.

The Quick Cook was also 10/10 but I had .55 cent coupons which

made them .45 cents a box.

The Pepsi is the big DEAL of the Day!

They have a 20 pk of Pepsi (and other flavors) for $3.99, minus

$1.00 coupon (peelie's off of boxes at Walmart)

off per box, making them $2.99 a box for thats

almost like $1.50 per cold pack except its a 20 pk instead of a 24 pk.

At Walmart.....

Tidy Cat $1.77 with $1.00 coupon makes them .77 a bag.

Carefree : Free coupon from RP ? (try to fill in date later)

Wisk: Walmart has their Colorsafe Bleach for $5.00 a bottle on clearance,

with the $2.00 coupon RP? makes it $3.00 for the 52 use bottle GREAT DEAL!

Reach dental floss: $1.00 Coupon out of SS ?, .88 at Walmart

Wilkinson razor: $1.00 coupon from, .97 cents at Walmart

UP2U Gum: $1.00 coupon, $1.28 at Walmart making them .28 a pk

Nivea Happy Sensation Lotion: Let me tell you these are few and in between

they are always gone when I go to pick some up but TODAY I FOUND THEM!!

$3.00 coupon from RP ?, $5.00 at Walmart making them $2.00 a bottle

All: Priced matched..Smith's has them on sale for $2.99, with the $1.00

coupon makes them $1.99 a bottle..

Smart Water: $1.00 at Walmart, .75 coupon, makes them .25 each.

So the other day Kimberly found this at the Dollar Tree,

normally they sale for $3.29 on Amazon. So I picked me

up a few use. So that is a savings of $2.29 a bottle.

Saturday I did pick up a few items.

The Speed Stick's coupon was going to expire

the next day and they actually had some (been out

for awhile also) so I picked up some for .25 cents each.

2 Zyrtec: $5.97 at Walmart, used the $4.00 coupon making them $1.97 each.

4 Huggie Wipes 64 ct: $ 1.97 at Walmart, used the .50 cent coupons

that was expiring that day. Also with buying these I can enter

the codes for the Cars 2 game for prizes.

I'll try to come back and fill in the dates for the coupons if I

remember. It's late and I am getting a sore throat so I am

heading to bed.

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