Monday, May 16, 2011

Enjoying the Sun

So this last weekend, Scott took off a few days and we

headed out to the desert to enjoy a few days in the sun.

Scott use to race his motorcycle through this part of the

desert so he knew of a few neat places to visit while we

were going to ride our bikes with all of our family.

Our camping site....notice those nice clouds moving in~~

Cherry Creek Resevoir

It is a resevoir at the top of a mountain in the desert.

The cattlemen use it to water their cattle and horses.

In the mountains we came across some very old mining

sites. We also found this house in the side of the mountain,

maybe one of the miners built it to stay out of the elements.

Landon found a flat rock to pose for a picture for grandma.

Shauna, Kimberly and Landon coming back from a

ride through the tree's.

So after a day of riding we came across these old tree's in

this lush part of the dry dirty desert. Scott said it belong

to Porter Rockwell when he was living in Utah.

Kimberly, Landon and Jon posing for a family picture.

Shauna showing how big this old tree was. It would be

curious to know exactly how old it really is.

There was many more tree's around this area that were

also old and big. One we called the weeping tree, it had a few

big branches hanging down like it was crying.

We had a fun filled day with the sun shining bright and warm.

I even have a sun burnt nose and cheeks to prove it. I won't complain

in the least.

Saturday afternoon the wind and rain came in for a few hours. Sunday

came out sunny and bright again till around noon, which was fine we had

four fabulous days of enjoying the family all together in the sun.

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