Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Didn't Forget

It's been awhile since I posted on how I do my couponing.

I have changed things here and there as I as I go. I do get

some hints from other bloggers on how they do theirs but

some is my own ideas on what works best for me so far. As

I stated I started last fall so I am still not an expert but I love

to explain how I do it to family, friends and fellow bloggers.

These are my post it's that I bought from Walmart for

around $3.50. I use them on the folders that contain my

circulars. On each one I put the circular's name (Red Plum,

Smart Source, Proctor & Gamble, General Mills, Pepsi).

Then I put the date underneath the name.

(picture of folder on the first post March 29th)

This is a temporary file container till I can

find one that I like better.

I like how it is portable for a few reasons:

  1. Easy put away in a cabinet

  2. Easy to carry to the kitchen table to file new circulars, go through old folders etc..

  3. Easy to carry to the kitchen counter to find that coupon in a hurry that you need for that great buy.

  4. To put in the car for that BIG shopping trip when I go to Salt Lake ( a couple times a year) Then if I find a deal that I wasn't counting on then I have my bin at that time to retrieve that certain coupon. Which has happened and I was glad to have it with me.

I don't have an area that I can have organized file cabinets, computer, etc

(hopefully one day I will have an office that I can set a system up with everything

at my finger tips) so this will have to do till then.

I put General Mills, Proctor & Gamble, Red Plum, then

Smart Source in the back. (GM & P&G is in the front because

there is only 1 folder for them)

I intend to put file dividers separating the each of the
different circulars, I just haven't gotten to it yet....some day...hopefully.

I was going to have one bin for Red Plum and one for Smart Source but

I want to keep it as mobile as I can, so once a month I will take out the

older circulars and go through them and get rid of the expired coupons/pages.

If there is only 3 or 4 current coupons I will put them in my binder (later post).

I then take off the post it and throw it away. File the empty folder in the back

of the bin to have handy for the next new folder I make.

Sorry the picture wasn't to clear. I use to have all the Red Plum

one color post it, Smart Source another but as time goes

I just hurry and grab a post it...write the name and date on it

and hurry and file it before it gets lost or they just pile up on top

of my bin.

This was my coupon bag.

I found it at our local Deseret Industries for $2.00.

I wanted something that I could take to the store

and be organized.

I put the stores ad's inside when I received

them that day.

One reason was I use to look through papers on the

kitchen counter for the store ads when I sat down to do my organized shopping lists.

Now I just grab my coupon bag and everything is there all organized.

I liked the two pockets in front.

When shopping at the store, I would put the item

in the shopping cart, followed by putting the coupon for that item in the right side

The left pocket was for the coupons that I didn't use on that trip. They might not

had that item in stock or I decided agains't that item at that time.

This is my new coupon bag.

I also got it at the Deseret Industries for $2.00.

The front of the bag has one big pocket, which is bigger

and can hold more coupons at one time.

When open I still put all the store ads that I want

in the middle of it.

This is inside of the bag, it holds paper clips (behind the
Proctor & Gamble coupon books), pens, my calculator,
scraps of paper to scribble on (notes to self, like something
on sale in the store to go home and find a coupon for that item)
It has pockets to put high valuable coupons in or something
I want to take to the store.

This is the back, it also has a big opening and easy to open to use.
Its where I put the coupons that
I decided not to use.

This is a pencil holder that I put my coupons in to take to the store.

If visiting several stores then I use one for each

of the store to keep the coupons organized.

I put this inside my coupon bag when going to the store.

Sometimes when I go to the store in a hurry I can stick it in

my purse with a few coupons that I intended on getting shortly.

So I have tried to make my shopping trip as organized as possible.

I use to go in the store with ads, all thrown around the cart, coupons

all over inside my purse. I would also go home with coupons that I

forgot to give them when checking out.

I hope this helps or may give you an idea to help you out the next

time you go coupon shopping.

Next time I'll tell you about my photo album that stores individual


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