Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Addition

So we have a new addition to our family.

She is red, most energtic, and known to make a

frown disappear with seconds!!

We have always been a family that love the outdoors.......

boating, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling and camping.

We took our oldest daughter Kimberly snowmobiling in Yellowstone

for a whole week when she was alittle over a year old.

Our youngest daughter Shauna we took her to Yellowstone

camping when she was a month old in her bassinet.

Then 2 years ago we took our grandson Landon boating

when he was 2 months old in Idaho.

We have waited 3 long years for our new shiny

Red Razor.

I still believe we are dreaming ~~~~~

So a few weeks ago we took her out for the day out

by Cherry Creek. We had a blast!!

Me going through the tree's.


Scott coming in from a ride.

Today's ride out by 5 Mile Pass

A view of the valley from the top of the mountain.

I found this delicate weed but she looked like a flower...

(Don't laugh...)

Growing out of this rock in the trail.

God's mysticals touches of life

Video of Scott riding through camp,
that darn truck got in the way.

So we can't wait for Spring to arrive
so we can go explore God's country!

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