Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jennie-O Turkey Bacon

So last week I made a trip to Cosco to load up on a

few items that we had run out of.

You can find some good deals on some things

but when shopping there you need to figure the price per item

to see if you could get it cheaper at the local grocery


One item I really like is the Jennie-O Turkey bacon. It

comes thick sliced (most of them in the grocery store comes

thinly sliced), you get 4 individual 1 lb packs for $10.49 that

comes out to $2.68 a pack.

The best thing about this bacon is that me and Scott love the

taste. It tastes like ham.

You have to make sure you don't over

cook it we've learned. It's not like regular bacon where it is crispy

when it is done. We cook it on medium heat for about 6-10 minutes

or till it looses the pink color and has the consistency of ham.
It has been mentioned on the Biggest Loser show as a alternative

to regular bacon.

For each slice it has:

40 Calories

1.5g Fat

.5 g Saturated Fat

20 mg Cholesterol

220 mg Sodium

1 g Carbohydrate

l g Sugar

6 g Protein

48 servings per container (which is 2 pkg and in each one of

those pkgs is 2 lb pkg which comes out to a total of 4)

I hope that makes sense.

Last year I lost 20 lbs and was feeling so much better but since then I

have gained 10 lbs of it back. So I am trying to start again with eating

healthier meals again and to start exercising again. With the weather

warming up now I can get out and mow the front and back lawns. I

should mow every neighbors lawn as much weight as I need to lose but

this will be a start. I mowed our lawn when I was growing up so I have

always mowed lawns. I love to see them all manicured when I get done....

don't laugh I do... sometimes me and Scott has had a few arguements

over me mowing it. He doesn't want the neighbors to think bad of him

but I explained to him that they'd probably like their wives to mow their

lawn also...laugh...

I have plenty to do to keep me busy....lets see ...there

is 4 flower beds that need some work, to finish our white vinyl fence,

to finish painting the deck (winter came to early so I never finished it)

and I am sure there will be more to put on the list.

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