Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Deals

Lately I've been finding some good deals on food, some from bloggers who have been posting the deals telling what items on sale and what coupons are available to use on the same item making them such a good deal. I've have found a few myself and then also have cashed in on some good coupons of Buy one item Get one item Free, making the items 1/2 price. I only use those if I use those items all the time, no sense on buying them 1/2 off if you just might use the item once a year or so.

My first find was Maceys sale on Libby's vegetables 3/1.00, I remembered in the coupons in the mail that week a Libby's coupon, so I went through the circular and sure enough there was one but I couldn't believe what I seen....the coupon was for a 1.00/3. That made them FREE!!
So the help of my neighbors and family I collected enough for 4 1/2 cases.
I gave my dad enough coupons for a case. So that was a savings of $39.96
Also from the blogger Todd and Erin, she mentioned that Ball Park Franks had $1.99 coupon off a pkg of hot dogs and you could print 2 of them and at Albertson they were on sale for $1.99 including the beef, which I made them free for 2 of them and each pkg was regularly $5.49, and on the shelf I seen a sign that said if you bought 2 pkgs you got a pkg of Doritos free (which I wasn't counting on) for a total savings of $13.96
Then I had a coupon for Buy 1 Get 1 free for Friskies can cat food, a savings of .54 cents. Then I had a free coupon on a sample bag of Friskies dry cat food, a savings of $2.19
The Ragu was a savings of $2.60

So my next find was from a blogger (sorry can't remember which one) who said Macey's had Wisk on sale for $4.99 and in an ad there was a coupon for $3.00 of 1 bottle of Wisk of any size, making them $1.99 each.
I was only going to buy 4 but when I got to the store and figured 3 bottles makes one Big jug and the jugs were selling for $20.99, making every 3 bottles a savings of $15.00, so I bought a few more least I won't have to worry about laundry detergent for a year or so. So for 16 bottles I saved a total of $80.00

So Maceys and Albertsons have been their promotions on Quaker items, the Quaker oatmeal was on sale at Albertsons for $1.67 last week,(their regularly $2.58 a box) but I had a $1.00 off each one from that weeks circular in the mail, which I collected 11 coupons for a total savings of $17.38
Macey's is having their sale this week and I picked up the Granola bars on sale for .98 cents and in the circular they had coupons .75 cents off 2 boxes for a total savings of $13.70
Life cereal was a savings of $6.56
The cat treats were Buy 1/Get 1 Free for a savings of $1.59

At Macey's sale this week I picked up some Pregresso soup on sale for .78 cents, with coupon 4/1.00 that made each can .53 cents a total savings $4.24
The Betty Crocker potatoes was on sale for .68 cents (regularly 1.66 at wal-mart) and when I went to get them each box had a coupon for $1.00/2, which made each box .18 cents...HECK YEAH!! for a total savings of $23.78
The Ragu on sale for .98 cents with .30 cents coupon for a total Savings of
I also picked up 2 big zuchinni at our local farmers market for .50 cents each, which I am going to make some zuchinni bread this week...Yum!

So I had some 8 coupons for Suddenly Salad 1.00/2 and at Albertsons sale they were on sale for .50 cents so that made the FREE!! for a total savings of $27.84
The Minute Maid soda was on sale 2/8.00, which on the box had a $2.00 off which made them $6.00, then on the previous sale I had a $3.00 coupon for 12 pk of soda and a $2.00 coupon on next purchase from General Mills from buying the granola bars and suddenly salad which made them .50 cents each box, a total savings of $8.56

I also found a deal (thanks to Todd and Erin's blog) that Kraft had a coupon for $5.00 off 5 Kraft items. Albertson's had Kraft 8oz cheese for $2.00 each block (regularly $5.00), so if you bought 5 that would be $10.00 minus $5.00 for the coupon, when you bought it you got a $5.00 coupon on your next purchase, so I ended up with 15 blocks of cheese FREE, for a total savings of $75.00

For a total savings of $331.03 on these items mentioned.
I had purchase more items of these sells for some good deals but these were the big ones I was most proud for getting. So I have a good start on my food storage for this winter any way. I'll try to start posting the sells I find earlier so you can get on them too. I'm just really starting to get into finding these deals and enjoying seeing how much I am saving.

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