Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mom and Landon

Landon just seems like he is growing leaps and bounds
this last month. Every time he is at our house he seems
to come up with a new experience that I am amazed at
and I turn around and call mommy at work to tell her the
new "ahh" moment he just done. So last Thursday I was
in the bathroom cleaning and he came to the door and
started to walk backwards into our bedroom and he just
started laughing so hard and had the biggest smile on his
face and his mind saying ... "YEP I JUST LEARNED
A NEW TRICK" then he walked backwards into the next
bedroom and then walked forward back to the bathroom,
and backwards down the hall. So throughout the day he
would just start walking into the next room backwards and
then he would walk forward and then backwards again.

Tonight after I took a shower I went to comb out my hair
and discovered my comb was missing, along with other
things that was missing when I went to go get them during
the week. So I went to the laundry hamper to look for my
comb (by this time your probably saying "what?")but to no
avail ..."No Comb"....but I found a ball, pepsi can, a
car, book and a hair clip. Scott was sitting on the edge of
the bed and just started laughing when I was taking the things
out one by one. Yes the hamper seems to be the
new plaything, he loves putting things in the hamper and garbage
bins. Missing doggie treats.....they were in the hamper
earler this week. Last night his big yellow truck was in the
bathroom garbage can. I eventually found my comb under
his playpen in the other bedroom.

So Sunday while Jon was helping Scott work on the garage, Kimberly
started to read her magazine and Landon wanted to read also, so I
went and got his book and so the both of them read their books together.

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