Thursday, September 9, 2010

The summer is over

The 2010 Summer

The Snake River that runs by our place

Kimberly and Jon

The old railroad bridge over the snake river

The railroad bridge that we cross

with our 4-wheelers

4-wheeler trail through the pines

Our place in Island Park

This labor day weekend we went up to Island Park to get our trailer and get things put away for the winter season.

I always get teary eyed or even cry alittle every year when we get ready to leave but this year I was cooking breakfast outside on our new patio we made which turned out so nice if I say so myself, anyways I was looking out through the pines, listening the birds singing when I got caught up in a trance thinking of how much solitude and happiness our place makes me feel. I tried to hold back the tears but they over took me. I just wanted the summer to continue on and enjoy the days where we get up take the dog for a walk, come back fix some breakfast and start on a project (one day hopefully there won't be any projects...laugh ...yeah right!!) and then hop on a 4-wheeler and take a ride, or go boating down to the resevoir, or go fishing, or just sit under the trees and take in natures wonders around us (squirrels hopping around ..which entertains Kylie:), birds chirpping, or see a moose strangling down the road with her calf (pictures I posted earlier).

When we pull the trailer off our place it always looks so empty and lonely, everything is put away till spring. When we pull away the tears usually come, Scott almost on a tear himself calms me and pats me on the shoulder and says " I know its hard but we'll be back next year" then we go down the road with the trailer in tow in silience for a few miles or so.....

Remembering the summer we had.....

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