Monday, September 27, 2010

Right place at the right time

So last Friday I went to Walmart to get a few things and cash in a few coupons to get a few great deals being offered. Getting ready to check out I noticed a few women's baskets with alot of merchandise in them but didnt think much about it, figuring they were purchasing for a business or party. Then I was told they were having a clearance markdowns in the garden area. I took my groceries out to the car and came back in to see if there was anything I wanted.
Have you seen the stories about the women going crazy for the clearanced bridal dresses??????
Well that is what the garden area was like.... They were marking items down extremely low??? how about $1.00 for a pack of 3 Colgate toothpaste.. packages of socks for 25 cents...YES 25 CENTS.
The associates working there said they got the go ahead to clear out their deleted/clearanced merchandise in the store.
I truly felt sorry for the associates trying to scan the items and then tell the mob what the price on that particlar item was without her hands or fingers getting ripped off from women grabbing the item out of her hand. Then the women decided to start grabbing the items and then let her scan it from their hands while holding a death grip on it.
So I did purchase a few items

The yasisoni noodles were 8 cents each after the 50 cent coupons.
The dial soap was 3.00, 2.65 after 35 cent coupon.
Gain dish soap, free after 98 cent coupon.
Success rice was 1.85, 85 cents after 1.00 c.
Total cereal was marked down $1.25, 75 cents after 50 cent coupon
The Pantene, lotion was $1.00 after clearance markdown
The crest 3 pk toothpaste was markdown to $1.00 each, with 75 cent coupon on each...they were 25 cents each.
The 3 pk Colgate toothpaste was markdown to $1.00 each and I had a $1.00 coupon for 1 so it was free, the other package was $1.00 or 33 cents each box. I didn't have another coupon for it but took it because it was still an outstanding deal.
The Clinical pro toothpaste was marked down to $1.00 each and I had a $1.00 coupon for each one, so they were free.
I estimated the total cost of items on the tables were approximately $60.00 and I spent $9.80

These were the items I went and got into the war zone for:
SOCKS...$128.00 worth for 25 cents each package. I spent
I ended up buying 20 packages of socks (Scott loved the idea of no more holy worn out socks:)) I gave 4 packages to Jon, saving a couples for my dad for his birthday (along with the $1.00 2pk T-shirts they also marked down). I'm putting most of them away till a later date and time when the holy socks start appearing again....laugh
They also had 16 bars packages of Zest (which we mostly use all the time) marked down for $3.00 with 35 cent coupon used on each pkg making them 2.65 or 18 cents each bar. (so between Dial and Zest we shall be clean for a few years anyway:)
They also had boxes of 4 pack of electrical outlets/switches for 25 cents each. I looked today and the outlets selling individually is $1.97 , so I saved $29.72

I purchased other items 8 pringles, bagel chips, 15 washclothes for 25 cents also, paper shredder for $5.00 (reg. 25.00) 3 Aussie Shampoo's 1.00 each.

Your probably wondering how I had coupons for the items I purchased using coupons. We'll I kinda hid the items in the store, went home and hurried back down before the items were discovered.

All I can say is it was a whirlwind of madness but I feel like I won a jackpot in Las Vegas with the deals I found. I roughly figured I saved $297.00
I guess I do earn a paycheck....its just I never see the paystub:)

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