Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'll Take The Snow

So yesterday while I was fertiziling our lawn it started to snow. I was thinking ahead that Spring will arrive and I might want to have a nice lucious lawn some day....laugh....
I am so ready for SPRING to arrive!!!!

So when Scott came home he said that he drove home in a full out
snow blizzard. We both came to the same conclusion that we are so
tired of the cold, cloudy, snowy days. Then he said something that I
hadn't thought of which made me count my blessings for what I have.

"He said I would take this snow any day rather than be going through
what those poor people are going through in Alabama"

Even though it is snowing like a day in December, I can stay warm in
the comfort of my home.

It is so sad to look at the video's and hear the people's horrible stories
of them losing everything they owned.
The most horrible stories are the ones where they we're able to survive
but one of their family members didn't or having a family
member missing.

Just imagine your daughter or son, husband or wife,
father or mother missing .....that is a personal pain that I can't even grasp
what they are going through.

One couple lost their home of 30 years or the couple that just 2 months
ago bought their first dream home ever. The father who was eating dinner
with his children and felt the air pressure drop and knew instantly to get them
to safety in a special built closet just before the tornado hit, When it was done
they walked out to their house being totally leveled.

So yes I will take the cold, cloudy, snowy days of winter! Because I know someday
the sun will come out and melt all the snow away.

I am truly blessed to have my family that I love with all my heart safe and sound.

My home that I have many memories of raising my daughters, my grandson laughter
and toys strung all over, my son-in-law Jon love/smiles he gives us and last my husband's love he has given me all these years within these walls.

My prayers are with the people who's lives have been torn apart from the
tornado's and floods.
May today be the end of their dispair, that they may find a new dawn and begin
a new day of the rest of their life tomorrow.

God Bless Everyone!!

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