Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's bargain's

Today I had a few bargains that I wanted to get before the

end of the week (more painting planned).

So I found a few more coupons for the travel/trial size items.

Tide: .97 cents at Walmart, $1.00 coupon from Proctor & Gamble

Vaseline: $1.47 at Walmart checkout aisle, $1.00 coupon

Degree deordant: $.97 at Walmart, $1.00 coupon Red Plum 3-27-11

When shopping at any store, keep an eye out for coupons that is

attached to the products. The Hungry Jack potatoes was an example of that.

They are .97 cents at Walmart, attached was a coupon $1.00 off 2 boxes,

making them .47 cents each.

(I already used one box for tonights dinner..if your wondering why there

is only 3 boxes)

The La Victoria sauce I found at the new store "Rudy's Dollar Store"

for $1.00. I know at Walmart they sell for around $1.50 a bottle.

Stove Top: Last week Albertson's had them on sell for .99 cents, I had

a .50 cent coupons from

Fuze: Macey's has them on sell this week for 10/$5.00,

in Red Plum 4-17-11, there is a coupon for $1.00/2, making them FREE!

Purex crystals: $3.97 at Walmart, $2.00 coupon RP 3-13-11 = $1.97 .....1/2 off deal

Last week I printed out 2 coupons from for $2.00 off any

Heinz ketchup. Smith's has them on sale this week for $1.99 for the 40 oz bottle

or the Tooele Walmart they had them for $1.98 for 40 oz bottle also which

made them a money maker of .4 cents/2 and 2 FREE 40 oz bottles.

I check about every other day unless a bargain blogger posts a

good deal. I print out the items I want because some items (like the ketchup)

that are super deals goes fast and when you go back to print them out later,

their no longer available. Usually you can print 2 of them before it tells you

that you have reached that coupons limit.

Usually at the first of each month alot of coupons will reset (like Reach Dental

Floss for $1.00 each) which Walmart sells for .88 cents (money maker).

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