Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deals from the past month

I had these pictures on my camera and I thought I

would hurry and post them before the time got away from

me any further. So in the past month I found a few good


These are my freebie's:

One dog food: free sample

MegaRed: free sample

One cat dry cat food: free sample

Make-up : free sample

Vaseline lotion: free sample

Fiber one cereal and fiber bar: free sample in the sunday paper

Sun Drop: coupon for free sample in sunday paper

Tide:(3) $1.00 coupons from Proctor & Gamble coupon booklet, they were

.97 cents at walmart (trial size) so I gain .03 each = 9 cents profit

Gain dish soap:(3) $1.00 coupon from P&G coupon booklet, they were

.97 cents at walmart = 9 cents profit

Secret travel size: (3) $2.00 coupon from the P&G circular, they were

$2.47 each so I ended up paying .47 cents each

Whiskas cat treats: We're on sale at Smiths for .49 cents each and had 2/$1.00

coupon = free

Challenge butter: $2.00 coupon from (you can print 2),

they were on sale at Smith's $1.99 = free

Egg Beaters: free coupon for 1 carton of egg beaters

EAS: $3.00 coupon, $3.87 at walmart so I paid .87 cents for them

Alpo: coupon for Buy one get one Free

Trident: Coupon BOGO free

Yakisoba: .58 cents at walmart, 50 cent coupon(SS)= .08 cents

Rice A Roni: .79 cents on sale at Smiths, Coupon buy 3 get Pasta roni free =

.59 cents for each box

Secret: $2.47 at walmart, $2.00 coupon (P&G circular) = .47 cents each

Propel: .49 cents on sale at Smith's , 2/1.00 coupon = Free

Reeses candy : BOGO free

Vitamin water: .49 cents on sale at Albertson, $1.00/2 if you buy fruit

(found coupon hanging on the bottles)

This was my big bargain I signed up for Fresh Market online and they send me coupons on selected items (usually 3 coupons on different items)

They had 8 Bounty towels for $4.99, which I had a $1.00 coupon from my

Poctor & Gamble booklet which made them $4.00 each = .50 cents each roll

Charmin 12 rolls for $4.99, $1.00 coupon from P&G = $4.00 each pkg

which made them $1.33 for a 4 roll pkg

While shopping they were giving away Denta bone samples,

so I ended up with 5 samples

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