Monday, April 11, 2011

Part 2: Couponing

I tried to download some more pictures but this site is working really slow so I'll just write some info that might help also.

Online sites:

I follow a few bargain bloggers

  • Utah Deal Diva

  • Coupons 4 Utah

  • Deal Seeking Mom

  • Hey, It's Free!

  • Todd and Erin

They post updates on deals daily, even a few times during the day. So I always check on their blogs when I get on the computer because some deals have free giveaways for the first 5,000(example) people who sign up so they go quickly. Some might be for a number of coupons and when that number runs out you can't get any more. So the saying "first come first serve" is true in bargain shopping.

Set up an bargain email account, mine is through yahoo. This will keep the spamers, miscelleanous out of your good email account. You will also then be able to go to that account and see any offers you might want to take advantage of. For example I have offers from Kelloggs, Kraft, RCWilley, Fresh Market, etc.

When signing up for freebies or coupons they will ask you for your name, email account, address (where to send the freebie to) etc. So this account will help through this process also.

Other sites to sign up for are:

Recycle bank: You get points for various things and then you can cash in those points for free coupons (this week I cashed in 60 pts and got 2 free coupons for 2 cans of Friskies cat food)

SWAG Bucks: You get points for visiting various sites and you can get free Amazon gift cards for so many points, which I never signed up for until lately and now I have 70 bucks. (300 pts is worth like $50.00 amazon gift card)

Fresh Market: They will send you a weekly super bargain of 3 coupons. Last week I got Bounty paper towels, and Charmin. I have gotten Jiffy Peanut butter, Smuckers Jam, whipping cream for example. THEE big internet coupon site, when bringing it up it'll ask for your zip code I just click the "No Thanks" tab and then the coupons will come up. Go through and check the coupons you'd like and then print them out.

I check this site around every other day unless a blogger shows a deal for a product and then the coupon from there then I will go print it out for me.

NOTE: when printing these out with deals mentions on the paper I will write down the deal from what store and price for example. This week a blogger mentioned a coupon from Walgreens for Heinz vinegar 32 oz. for .99 cents on they had a .50 cent coupon (which I printed one and then went back and printed another). So when the page came out printed I turned it over stuck it back in the computer printed it again, then wrote ...walgreens coupon .99 cents , then when I went to Walmart I gave them the walgreens coupon when ringing up the vinegar and then at the end of checking out I gave them the 2 .50 cent coupons which I got them for 50 cents each when originally they were $1.58.

Red Plum: This is like the circular you can get in the sunday paper. They have some of the coupons on line but not all of them that are in the circular. So on some of the products you'd like more coupons check there sometimes you might be able to get more.

Smart Source: This is the other circular you can get some coupons also.

Facebook: Alot of companies will give you either free samples or high redeemable coupons if you like them on facebook. Example: Starkist tuna, Miracle whip, Cheez its, Tide, etc If you don't have a facebook account it might be worth signing up.

I tried putting the links up but blogger won't do it so I'll try at a later date. Sorry....

These are some of them that I can think of now I am sure I'll remember more later. I hope this will get you started online for now.

Thanks see you at the next post:)

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