Monday, April 25, 2011

Landon's Easter Egg Hunt

We celebrated Easter this year with Landon having an

Easter egg hunt in our backyard.

The night before he colored eggs at Shauna's house.

He ended up at the end

of the night with multicolored fingers and a tie dyed body.

There were lots of Humpdity Dumpity eggs, he liked tossing

them into the bowls and hearing them crack.

So when we put the eggs out in the backyard we also put out

plastic eggs covered with a decorative cover with flowers, chicks,

eggs, etc on them (I used them for Shauna and Kimberly's

Easter egg hunts also ...yes I know I am a pack rat that never seems

to get rid of stuff from past)

So we planted 3 dozen eggs throughout the yard....

We had the dog on a leash, she liked to gather them up and chomp

on the plastic one's.....

We got all ready and handed him the basket and showed him the first

egg and the rest we were on a run to gather the others.

He started running and saying..."GO GO GO GO".... we all started

laughing and watching him have the time of his life.

We started noticing a pattern as he was gathering up the eggs,

he was only collecting the real Easter eggs and walking right by

the plastic eggs, even kicking one a few feet in front of him.

He only liked "REAL" eggs.

We eventually got him to gather the plastic eggs but he wasn't

excited about them~~~~

This is video of him collecting the "Real Easter Eggs"

saying "Go GO Go"

Hope everyone had a


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  1. Thats funny. We tried to do an egg hunt for Tyson but he wanted nothing to do with it. I would pick up an egg and put it in his basket and he would take it out and put it back in its exact spot. Maybe next year