Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bargain Stores

Groceries are not the only thing I like to look

for bargains for.

The other day I neeed a cell phone cord for our car.

I got tired of the phone cord in the other car when I

needed to use it. I headed to Walmart to purchase one

when I remembered that our local Deseret Industries has

a section of cords for various electronic items. After looking

through the bin I found one that would work for my phone, it

was marked $1.00. I was tickled I didn't have to pay $10.00

at Walmart, especially when I have been pondering the idea to

get a phone upgrade ( which I am eligible for), I just don't want

to pay more for the new one each month so I just keep putting it off.

So while I was there I strolled down the aisles to see what else I could

find. I found a Prada purse for $4.00, it even looks "Springy".

Then I found 2 goggles for riding our ATV's, they were both marked

$1.00 each. The yellow ones have never been worn. The red one

I bought for my grandson had a few scratches on them but had the plastic

cover on the lenses still.

So the next time you have an item you need, ponder the idea to go to

your local thrift store, it just might save you enough money that you can

purchase a few other items for pleasure.

So I have found another thrift store we use on occasion.

It's called Habit for Humanity Restore, it is open to the

public. People donate items for resale, then they take the

money to help build homes.

We have bought cabinet doors (story about Scott building the cabinet in

our trailer), heat registers, light switches/covers, etc.

They have windows, doors, couches, desks, bookcases, lights,

sinks, tile, window shutters, old kitchen cabinets (good for garages ),

door knobs, plumbing fixtures

Some items are brand new, some are old but looks new.

We have taken some items in to be donated to help them out.

So while we were there I found a cooler vent.

Our old one was plastic and was cracked where the screws were

and just looked cheap.

So I took it and spray painted it and it looks brand new and

looks so much better than the old plastic one.

I'll post a picture of it mounted on the ceiling when I

post my hallway after I get done remodeling it.

So thrift stores are like a box of never know what you will get.

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