Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This week was my 1/2 off bargains mostly. I did receive some

freebies in the mail also.

Purex Crystals: $3.97 at Walmart, $2.00 coupon RP 3-13-11 =$1.97

Right Guard: Macey's $1.50 (priced matched at Walmart), BOGO free = .75 cents each

Degree: $1.97 on sale at Walmart, $1.00 coupon RP 3-27-11(all trial sizes were gone)

so I purchase full size = $1.00 each

Alpo & Pedigree dog food: .68 cents at Walmart, BOGO RP 3-13-11 = 34 cents each

Whiskas cat food: .55 cents at Walmart, BOGO RP 3-27-11 = 23 cents each
Purex laundry sheet: .97 cents at Walmart (trial size), $1.00 coupon RP 3-13-11, 3 cents profit

2 free coupons from Recycle Bank for 2 free cans of Friskies can food = 4 free cans

Breath Right: freebie received this week in the mail

Red dress pin(American Heart Association): freebie received in the mail

3 Atkins protein bars: freebie received in the mail

Ocean Spray: Free can received in the mail

Cheezit: reebie received in the mail

Original Orgin: freebie received in the mail

8 Women's Degree deodorant (trial size)

Red Plum 4-17-11 $1.00 coupon, .97 cents at Walmart= .24 cents profit

Check out these deals I still think all the coupons except the Alpo and Whiskas are still good.

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